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Should You Be the Face of Your Brand (Part 2) | Show & Tell Academy

How much do you want to show up in your brand? Have you ever considered being the face of it?

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Here are four more things I learned about showing up as the face of your brand (as a team of one).

#4 Everything takes longer than you think it will. Have you ever planned a super simple photo you just knew would only take a few minutes? Did it really end up taking hours instead? It happens to the best of us.

When I was shooting the color black, I decided to shoot two photos in front of the same window. One facing camera. One with my back to the camera. Simple, right?

Unfortunately, I didn’t account for all the extra ideas that always pop into my head while shooting. I wanted to try those two shots looking to the left, looking to the right, look up, looking down, shifting my weight left or right, holding the curtains opened, or having them already opened, with and without a jacket or sweater on.

A few minutes quickly turned into 30 minutes.

#5 It is always best to keep it simple. Believe it or not, 30 minutes for two shots was progress for me! I was slowly learning to shoot in one room.

I’ve since learned it’s even better to shoot as much as possible in one part of the room. Or to keep the same camera and light setup. When I shot the color turquoise, I wore ONE outfit. I shot on TWO walls.

I sat for one photo and stood for the other two. I only changed my upper body and the curtains for the two standing photos. It was one of my fastest shoots with some of my best photos!

#6 It’s okay to change your mind. Posting consistently is important. BUT so is stepping away. Taking a break from creating Love U Too allowed me to rethink how I wanted to show up.

I slowly realized that being the face of the brand doesn’t mean my actual face has to be in every piece of content! I still want to be the face of my brand but the face is going to show up less! Sometimes my home (which IS a reflection of me) will have to do the heavy lifting.

Sometimes hands are enough. In the future, this will save me from losing time because my face isn’t “face of the brand” ready!

#7 Remember that trial and error are part of the creative process. Sometimes we make templates, plans, and processes to make things go smoother. But what if those same plans keep us from being flexible or allowing our ideas to evolve?

Even with all the careful planning in the world, keeping them as simple as possible proved to be a necessary evolution. Being creative is supposed to be fun! So is sharing your story.

Running a business is stressful enough. We deserve to enjoy what we’re doing.

If you are considering being the face of your brand, I hope I didn’t scare you! I’m sharing all this with you because I want to inspire you to be creative in how you show up!

How much do you want to show up? Let me know in the comments.

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