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Why It’s Important to Share Your Expertise (on Social Media)

Do you really NEED to be an expert? Or do you just need to be honest about where you are at this moment?

I’ve come to realize most of us know more about our industry than we think! But we avoid calling ourselves experts because we see all the well-known, well-paid, well-spoken people in the same industry and think, “oh that’s not me.”

But maybe it is! And even if it’s not, that’s okay too.

Here’s why….

everybody isn’t looking to learn from “the expert”!

Sometimes “the expert” is the person who’s so deep into their topic that it’s hard for a newbie to understand what they’re talking about.

Sometimes “the novice” is more relatable because they were JUST where the newbie is now.

And sometimes, it’s the person somewhere in middle (intermediate) who knows a lot, relates to the newbie, AND helps the experts look at their own process in a whole new light!

There is great power (and value) in being able to make people feel understood and in giving them hope.

That power comes from telling your story and providing (or leading) them to a solution).

Let this be a reminder that your people might not be looking for the person who knows the most.

They’re looking for the person who can help them the most!

Do you believe you have ENOUGH to offer your target audience? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Ready to tell your story but unsure of what to say? Download the updated Roadmap for Sharing Transformative Helpful Content.

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